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Our tipster competition is a tipping game where players bet with virtual money on real sporting events, all with the sole aim of becoming the best tipster.
The primary tipster League is continuous and ranks tipsters according to life time performance, but there are other league and monthly competitions with prize for the best tipster each month. Primarily we want everyone to play the game for fun however if you feel you are doing well then why not have a real flutter on your predictions.
The tipster competition currently covers all UK and Irish daily racing along with all matches played in the major British football tournaments. If people want more then simply ask and we will provide it for you.
The format for the game is simple - Select a football tournament or a horse race.
For Football tournaments you then select for any particular game a win, loss or draw for and particular team.
For horse racing you would select the horse which you wish to back, then decide if you fancy it to win or to back it each way. Then enter your stake amount and wait on the results.
Our sophisticated software scans up to 25 bookmakers to ensure we give you the best odds available on your selection.
If you find that you are not very successful then don`t worry we will top up your betting pot with £100 per day so that you can keep betting if you run out!!!!.
All results are automatically updated and winnings are credited back to your betting pot.
Latest 10 Past Winners

2015 August Winner - ion claxon with £3921

2015 July Winner - ion claxon with £3755

2015 June Winner - ion claxon with £500

2015 January Winner - No Winner with £0

2014 May Winner - ALLAN BARNARD with £25765

2014 April Winner - Zaharia Bogdan with £1774

2014 March Winner - ALLAN BARNARD with £3907

2013 October Winner - Paul Barnard with £39963

2013 September Winner - ALLAN BARNARD with £10315

2013 August Winner - Brendan Taylor with £4994

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